County Board Resources

Frequently Used Forms
PLAY Project Referral Form
Consultant Interest Form
Stipend Invoice
OTC PRN Standing Orders
OISP Resources
COG Reflections Form
Conversations Facilitation: Tips from the Field
How to Write in Person's First Language
Supporting SSAs: OhioISP Made Easy
OhioISP Restrictive Measures-Informed Consent Guidance
Outcomes-A Quick Guide
Supporting SSAs: Remote Supports and OhioISP Document
Self-Review: Essential Elements of a Person-Centered OhioISP
Commencement of Services Form
Supporting SSAs: Medicaid Due Process
OhioISP Assessment Guidance
A General OhioISP Explanation Document
Outcome Development Cycle Document
Supporting SSAs: Personal Funds and OhioISP Document
Restrictive Measure Process
Six Essential Elements of Person-Centered Plan
Person Centered Tools
The Learning Community
Seven Essential Elements of a Person Centered Plan Document
Positive Reputation Instructions
Brainstorming Connections Fillable
Connecting Through Interests Fillable
Donut Fillable
Four Plus One Fillable
Good Day Bad Day Fillable 2
Learning Log Fillable 1
Matching Fillable
Positive Reputation Instructions
Two Minute Drill Instructions and Fillable
How to Use the PCP Tools
Seven Essential Elements of a Person Centered Plan Self-Review Document
Action Planning Fillable
Communication Chart Fillable
Decision Making Agreement Fillable
Doughnut Sort Fillable
Good Day Bad Day Fillable 1
Important To Important For Fillable
Learning Log Fillable 2
Morning Ritual Fillable
Relationship Circle Non Fillable
Working Not Working Fillable
Charting the LifeCourse
Charting the LifeCourse Domains
Charting the Life Course Principles
CtLC Guide Book
CtLC Life Domain Vision Tool
CtLC Mapping Relationships
Charting the Life Course Framework
CtLC Goal Attainment Tool
CtLC Integrated Supports Star
CtLC Trajectory-Exploring
CtLC Mapping Relationships Tip Sheet
Medication Admin Assessment Forms
Self-Admin Assessment Instructions
Self-Admin Assessment: G-J Tube
Self-Admin Assessment: Insulin/Metabolic Glycemic Disorder
Self-Admin Assessment: Glucometer
Self-Admin Assessment: Health Related Activities
Self-Admin Assessment: Oral/Topical Medication
Self-Admin Assessment: Inhaled Medications
Self-Admin Assessment: Oxygen
The Clearwater Council of Governments is committed to collaborating with our partners to enhance people’s lives one system, one community and one person at a time.

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