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Clearwater COG is committed to collaborating with our partners to enhance people’s lives and providers are an essential and integral part of the system. The COG provides support for certified agencies and independent providers in order to ensure their services are being delivered in the highest quality and in accordance with the mission of Clearwater COG.

The COG provides support with certification and recertification, technical issues, billing and documentation, conflict resolution and more. Please reference the resources page for documentation samples, list of billing agents, and other general resources.
Rachael Benson
Provider Relations Specialist
Michelle Chevalier
Provider Relations Specialist

What Type of Things Will I Do as a Provider?

Providers do a variety of tasks, which could include: light housekeeping, laundry, assisting and transporting individuals to medical appointments, grocery shopping, accessing activities in the community, assisting with personal care, etc. The particular services you will provide are based on the individual’s needs and their individual service plan (ISP).

How to Provide Services?

Ways to provide services to individuals with developmental disabilities.
Start Your Own Agency
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Work for an existing agency by becoming a Direct Support Professional (DSP)
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Become an Independent Provider
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Certification & Training

There are specific ongoing training requirements that are based on services you are certified to provide. Agency providers are required to provide training for their employees in person, hybrid training as long as testing is done in person. You must also be First Aid and CPR certified.

Join Provider Pool

The Clearwater COG maintains the provider pool for the counties we serve. If you are interested in serving in our COG counties. The Provider Relations Specialist with be in contact with you.

Nicole Powell
Lead Investigative Agent
Please contact Nicole with any
questions you may have.


Certified MUI (Major Unusual Incident ) Investigative Agents receive reports of abuse, neglect, misappropriation, or any other MUI as defined in state law regulation and County Board Policy. These incidents are investigated to ensure the health and welfare of the affected individual is protected.

“Unusual incident” means an event or occurrence involving an individual that is not consistent with routine operations, policies and procedures, or the individual’s care or individual service plan, but is not a major unusual incident.
Certified Providers

Provider Compliance

Clearwater COG conducts provider compliance reviews Medicaid waiver providers on behalf the COG’s County Boards of Developmental Disabilities. In order to ensure consistency, a standardized review process is used from the DODD Office of Compliance. We also conduct mock provider compliance reviews upon request.

If you have questions about the provider compliance process or would like to schedule a mock compliance review, please contact Stephanie Shank.
Stephanie Shank
Director of Program Operations
Stacy Adams
Lead Quality Assurance Registered Nurse
Certified Providers

Registered Nurse Quality Assessment Reviews

The Clearwater COG registered nurses conduct quality assessment reviews for county boards of developmental disabilities. RN Quality Assessment reviews are required every three years for all sites where certified provider staff administer medications.

The COG’s registered nurses will conduct the reviews to identify system issues, ensure compliance standards are maintained, and provide ongoing supports to providers.

Nurses offer FREE CPR, First Aid and Medication Administration to all COG Providers. View our events calendar for scheduled classes. 

The Clearwater Council of Governments is committed to collaborating with our partners to enhance people’s lives one system, one community and one person at a time.

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