It's Your Choice

Individuals and their guardians, as applicable, have the right to choose who provides his/her waiver services.

Federal law requires that waiver recipients have the free choice to select a provider. An individual who receives services paid by a waiver can choose any provider who is certified and willing to provide the requested service.

One of the roles of the SSA is to help navigate this process and ensure Free Choice of Provider is upheld and appropriately documented whenever an individual wants to choose a new provider, a different provider, or an additional provider. 

Individuals may find a certified provider by accessing the official registry of certified providers on the Ohio Department of DD website and the online tool called ProviderGuidePlus.

CLICK HERE to search the database.

CLICK HERE to search ProviderGuidePlus.

The Clearwater Council of Governments also maintains a local Provider Pool. This pool is comprised of providers who have directly expressed an interest in working with individuals in the COG region. The pool is maintained by Rachael Benson, Provider Relations Specialist/Clearwater COG.

The assigned SSA can also help someone to navigate the provider pool. Once  potential providers have been identified, the individual may choose which providers to interview.

Sometimes it is hard to know what to ask a provider in an interview.  View the Service Provider Interview Guide. The individual then interviews the providers and makes a selection.  


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