DODD Medication Administration Certification 1

DODD Medication Administration Certification 1

Registration Deadline is Monday September 18, 2023.  If you have missed the deadline for registering, you must contact Stacy Adams at 419-307-5291 to be added to the class.

Prior to DODD Medication Administration Certification, initial or renewal, developmental disabilities personnel must submit a completed training application to the Registered Nurse (RN) Trainer. The application must be filled in completely, including employer and personal information and required signatures.

Developmental disabilities personnel with incomplete applications are not eligible to attend DODD Medication Administration Certification training.


Please arrive 15 minutes early. Enter at the Jefferson St. entrance and the classroom is immediately to your right in the Kernan Room.

Clearwater COG Training Course Syllabus

DODD Prescribed Medications and Health Related Activities Certification Category 1

Learning objectives: Certified personnel will attend all sessions and demonstrate the preparation, administration and documentation procedure when administering prescribed medication presented in the curriculum; how to perform and document the health-related activities presented in the curriculum; and possess minimum knowledge base by passing a written exam with no less than 80%. Certified personnel will identify what is required to maintain and renew certification, how the rules and regulations governing administration of medications and performance of health-related activities apply to their care-giving activities.  They will identify actions to take when signs and symptoms may indicate a significant health problem or medication side effect. 

Unlicensed Personnel Certification Requirements: To be eligible for certification in the DODD approved Medication Administration Category 1 program the personnel must meet the following requirements:

  1. At least 18 years of age
  2. High school diploma or GED
  3. Meets the criteria of Nurse Aide registry background check
  4. Meets the criteria of DODD Abuser Registry
  5. Meets the criteria of background check in compliance with the Rule 5123:2-02-2
  6. Employed by Certified DD Agency or Certified DODD IP
  7. Application completed by DD Agency or completed by DODD IP and submit HSD/GED (For IP only) verified by RN Trainer

Criteria for Successful Completion of this Course: The candidate must attend the class in its entirety, participate in class activities, successfully pass the closed book exam with an 80% or higher score, and successfully complete a skill check for each task taught in the course and complete an evaluation.  

Instructional Methods/Learning Tools: Lecture, small group activities, class discussion, return 


Sep 20 - 21 2023


10:00 am - 6:00 pm




In-Person Training


Junior Home Room
Tiffin Public Library


Clearwater COG
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