Courageous Inclusion Workshop

Courageous Inclusion Workshop

***This workshop is the extension of Conscious Inclusion!  If you did not complete conscious inclusion, you will NOT be able to register for this training!***

The Courageous Inclusion workshop would expand upon the experience of the Conscious Inclusion workshop participants; this workshop would focus on skill-building and increase ownership over inclusive actions.

What is Courageous Inclusion?

In the four-hour workshop, you’ll explore how seemingly small actions or words can accumulate and create exclusion. These “Subtle Acts of Exclusion” (or microaggressions) show up in many ways through people’s behaviors or language and are often unintentional. You’ll discuss how we can manage ourselves when we observe or experience a subtle act of exclusion and then how to address it appropriately. Through role play, you’ll cultivate skills to handle interpersonal interactions with confidence and compassion.


  • Explore what prevents you from being courageous
  • Understand the difference between subtle acts of exclusion and overt discrimination
  • Identify appropriate actions for addressing subtle acts of exclusion
  • Practice dealing with potential scenarios in an inclusive and supportive way


Please prioritize your participation and attend the full session. In addition, be prepared to be open and willing to grow and learn!



Feb 12 2024


10:00 am - 3:00 pm


In-Person Training


North Central Ohio Educational Service Center
928 W. Market St, Tiffin, Ohio


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