Conscious Inclusion Workshop

Conscious Inclusion Workshop

With a focus on what connects all of us and what defines each of us, this workshop takes a positive approach to diversity training. Through engaging exercises and discussion in a safe learning space, the workshop will strengthen participants’ trust and collaboration. In addition to insight and awareness, they will learn specific behaviors and actions to both address bias and promote inclusion.​


  • Understand the Business Case for I&D work​
  • Appreciate the uniqueness of individuals and learn how our identities shape our experience​
  • Understand what unconscious bias is and how it forms​
  • Examine the impact of bias in the workplace​
  • Understand how unintentional exclusion and unregulated bias can reduce organizational productivity and climate​
  • Gain actionable tips to manage bias and increase inclusion for themselves and others

Part 1: Introduction to Inclusion and Diversity

    • Understanding the Business Case for Inclusion and Diversity
    • Elements of Individuality: Appreciating individual uniqueness and how our identities shape our perceptions

Part 2: Putting Inclusion & Diversity Skills to Action

    • Understanding how unintentional exclusion and unmanaged bias can reduce productivity and create distance for others
    • Case Study: Managing bias in the workplace
    • Actionable tips to manage bias and increase inclusion


Jul 27 2023


10:00 am - 3:00 pm


In-Person Training


North Central Ohio Educational Service Center
928 W. Market St, Tiffin, Ohio


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