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Clearwater COG is dedicated to ensuring all supports for County Boards are innovative, progressive, and specific to the needs of each County Board.

The Scope of the services and supports provided by the Clearwater COG are developed through an agreement between the member County Boards.
The COG is in the forefront innovative systems change and provides state of the art services and training.
The COG provides support, services and resources for our member counties.
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We provide our County Boards FREE access to all online and in-person training.
County Boards

Early Childhood Services

Learn more about PLAY Project Services, Early Intervention Evaluations and Assessments, Mentoring and more. 

Nicole Powell
Lead Investigative Agent
Please contact Nicole with any
questions you may have.
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Certified MUI (Major Unusual Incident ) Investigative Agents receive reports of abuse, neglect, misappropriation, or any other MUI as defined in state law regulation and County Board Policy. These incidents are investigated to ensure the health and welfare of the affected individual is protected.

“Unusual incident” means an event or occurrence involving an individual that is not consistent with routine operations, policies and procedures, or the individual’s care or individual service plan, but is not a major unusual incident.
County Boards

Provider Compliance

Clearwater COG conducts provider compliance reviews Medicaid waiver providers on behalf the COG’s County Boards of Developmental Disabilities. In order to ensure consistency, a standardized review process is used from the DODD Office of Compliance. We also conduct mock provider compliance reviews upon request.

If you have questions about the provider compliance process or would like to schedule a mock compliance review, please contact Stephanie Shank.
Stephanie Shank
Director of Program Operations
The Clearwater Council of Governments is committed to collaborating with our partners to enhance people’s lives one system, one community and one person at a time.

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