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What is a Consultant?

A consultant is someone who is an expert on certain topics and gives advice and ideas to others. A consultant can provide advice and ideas in lots of different ways. For the Clearwater COG, consultants have an opportunity to have their voice be heard and be an important part of Clearwater COG’s work.

COG Consultant

Opportunities for a Consultant with the Clearwater COG

There are lots of ways to be involved as a consultant for the Clearwater COG:

COG Committees
The COG has several committees that work on various projects. These committees include the following: Technology Committee, Program Enhancement Advisory CommitteE (PEACE), Direct Support Professional (DSP) Appreciation Committee, Human Rights Committee (HRC), and more. As a consultant, you would attend regular meetings and contribute ideas to the committee.
COG Meetings
The COG hosts several meetings for county boards and providers. These meetings may include the Provider Network Meeting, SSA Quarterly Meeting, and more. As a consultant, you could be involved in a variety of ways from helping to plan the agenda for meetings, take meeting minutes, present information, and more. You would be a representative at these meetings so regular attendance is important.
The COG hosts and attends various events like Direct Support Professional (DSP) Recruitment events, Job Fairs, conferences, and more. As a consultant, you would attend the event with a COG staff. This would be a one-time commitment for a specific event.
Trainings & Presentation
The COG offers a lot of trainings and presentations to county boards and providers. There are lots of ways a consultant could help out with trainings. This could include helping to develop a training, create training flyers and other materials, present at a training, and more. This would typically be a one-time commitment, but could be ongoing depending on the training.
Interviews for new COG staff
Finding highly qualified staff is very important to the COG. There are times we may want help with interviewing potential new staff. A consultant would help come up with some interview questions, attend interviews with COG staff, and ask interview questions. This would be a one-time commitment.
COG Consultant

What can I expect from the COG?

Payment will be for one of the following: 

1-3 hours: $50
More than 3-6 hours: $75
More than 6-9 hours: $100
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COG Consultant

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How to reach the COG if you have questions or need help. 

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